Apply to Become a COFSAC Member

Our council seeks to gather and lift diverse and representative voices from across the Colorado food system to help craft recommendations and guidance for food systems-related policy and state initiatives.

There are two primary ways to contribute to the work of COFSAC. Individuals with experience or expertise aligned with designated council seats are appointed by the governor to three year terms. Council also has the authority to engage and appoint interested stakeholders in committee and working group efforts.

How to apply for appointment to council:

  1. Please refer to the membership chart to see what stakeholder seats will be appointed in the coming year.
  2. Submit your application at the Boards and Commissions Website. NOTE: Be sure to indicate your interest and intent to apply to COFSAC when prompted in the application.
  3. Contact our Council administrator, to inform council of you application.
  4. Council will request to review all applications submitted by October 14th, 2022, and provide recommendations to the Governor’s Office. 
  5. The Governor will then make the final decision (over which they have full discretionary power) and inform those appointed as Council members.
  6. Council will follow up with those not appointed to explore other opportunities for participation such as committee and working group initiatives.

Boards and Commissions Application Page:

How to apply to participate in a committee or working group

Contact to learn more about current committee and working group efforts.

Council Seats and Terms

NameSeatTerm Expires
Al GoodmanRep. Food wholesalers or food retailers10/31/2025
Effie RorkeRep. Statewide anti-hunger organization10/31/2025
Nicholas MarquezRep. Expertise in federal Food nutrition service programs10/31/2025
Michele MeyerRepresentative of a food distributor or a food hub10/31/2025
VacantRep. agricultural production, specialty crop10/31/2022
Laurian UnnevehrRep. Academic specialist in economic systems, agriculture, or health care10/31/2023
Ann CooperRep. Institutional procurement, educational setting10/31/2023
Caroline BushnellRep. Local, non-profit, community org. w/ farm-to-school program/local food system10/31/2023
Wendy MoschettiRep. Statewide healthy food systems org10/31/2023
Julie MooreRep. Food wholesalers or food retailers, direct market retailer10/31/2024
Elizabeth MarronRep. Expertise in rural community and regional development, or community and economic development programs10/31/2024
Marci CochranRep. Federal food assistance program10/31/2024
Derrick HoffmanRep. Agricultural production, sells ag products to public schools/school districts10/31/2024
Tessa HaleRep. Institutional procurement, healthcare setting10/31/2024
Tamaan Osbourne-RobertsRep. Nutrition expert, licensed physician, or registered dietitian10/31/2024
Krista GarandRep. Colorado Department of Educationdesignated seat appointed by agency
Hollis GlennRep. Colorado Department of Agriculturedesignated seat appointed by agency
Karla MaracciniRep. Colorado Department of Human Servicesdesignated seat appointed by agency
Dawn ThilmanyRep. Colorado State University Extensiondesignated seat appointed by agency
Greg ThomasonRep. Office of Economic Development and International Tradedesignated seat appointed by agency
Michelle BradfordRecipient of a federal food assistance program and as a recipient of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program10/31/25
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