About Local Food Coalitions

Photo by Samantha Kujala

Colorado Food Policy Network

The Colorado Food Policy Network (COFPN) exists to “promote healthy, community-based, economically viable food systems in Colorado that ensure all residents have access to affordable, nutritious food.”

COFPN is a collective of state, regional, and local food coalitions committed to getting results by:

  • Building the capacity of local food systems coalitions to effect change
  • Advancing regional and state level policies, investments and strategies
  • Creating the conditions for deeper collaboration and impact

COFPN is governed by a 10-person Leadership Council that includes local food system coalition participants from across the state. There are currently five active COFPN work groups that meet (virtually) regularly and together develop issue briefs and state policy recommendations relevant to their focus areas: Land Access for Food Production; Healthy Food Retail; Healthy Community Food Assistance; Nutrition Incentives; and, Farm to Institution.

To learn more about COFPN email Wendy Peters Moschetti, Director of Food Systems at LiveWell Colorado, at wendymoschetti@livewellcolorado.org.

Colorado Food Systems Digital Hub

The Colorado Food Systems Hub is a community resource designed to support healthy, resilient food systems across the state by providing relevant, reliable data—including enhanced mapping and reporting—in a collaborative environment that promotes peer-to-peer learning to increase impact and effect change.

This Hub was created by LiveWell Colorado in response to local food system coalitions’ need for more relevant and easily accessible data and mapping capabilities in order to advance healthy food access at the state and local levels. There is a strong desire to learn from one another and avoid duplicating efforts in Colorado, and we believe that identifying where other food systems-related activity is happening across the state will strengthen research, policy advocacy, and fundraising efforts for everyone working in the food systems space.

To join the Hub, please register at www.communitycommons.org, then scroll through their ‘Hubs’ tab and request membership to the Colorado Food Systems Hub.