Working Groups

In support of the Council’s mission to strengthen the economic, environmental, cultural and social foundations of Colorado’s local and regional food systems, COFSAC members identify and lead issues-based working groups. Working group membership is open to non-council members. Please contact if you are interested in joining the efforts of one of the groups listed below.

Conserving Agricultural Lands and Water

Time and again stakeholders cite water scarcity and loss of agricultural lands as key issues shaping the current and future dynamics of the state’s food system. This working group conducts research, convenes state-wide partners, and supports stakeholder education and engagement to further innovative and equitable strategies to ensure Colorado food producers have a place on the land for generations to come.

Universal School Meals

With the passage of the Proposition FF ballot measure, Colorado is moving forward with the implementation of universal school measure. Council looks forward to supporting the successful implementation of this historic measure, and will role this work into our institutional procurement working group in 2023.

Watch our brief video highlighting the recommendations and rationale for supporting universal school meals.

Institutional Procurement

Colorado institutions allocate millions of taxpayer dollars each year to purchase food. In many cases, these institutions’ food purchasing practices are significantly impacted by state rules, regulations, and reporting requirements administered by state agencies. This working group researches and promotes existing and innovative local procurement policies, incentives, and data collection initiatives that can expand and improve the positive impact of public procurement from local food producers.

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